Debbie Adams

Debbie Adams

I have had the good fortune to live my dream and be a photographer for 40 years. Photography has been a lifelong dedication and a passionate pursuit since I was a young child. My professional career began as a studio apprentice after high school graduation…and the rest of the story is my photographic history.

A camera has been in my hands for most of my life. I have photographed over 100,000 people on both coasts including 25 years as a portrait/wedding photographer in Santa Barbara, California.

I fondly remember the days of film and loving my medium format Hasselblad system when you had to wait a few days before you saw what you photographed except for the polaroid test shot. I began to explore the “new” digital 35mm format at the turn of the 21st century and by 2008, when I felt digital had arrived and was pretty good, I sold my three Hasselblad cameras, kept one for the memory, and went digital. My first show was “Debbie Does Digital” and I have been doing it ever since.

Photography is, and always will be, about capturing the light. Light is how you see it and what you make of it; how you use the tools and techniques, whether they be modern or traditional. Since moving to Longmont, Colorado in 2009 my creativity has been unleashed; overstimulated by all the natural splendor that abounds all around here. My husband and I have become somewhat obsessive campers in our Cricket trailer and avid hikers to explore the western states. My two Canon digital cameras are always by my side to interpret my mind’s eye.

When I play in the digital darkroom, I see what filter excites me with the image. I do not often alter images in Photoshop except for a tweak of rich shadows and crisp contrast. The freedom and flexibility that digital technology provides makes it fun to experiment. Do I like it in black and white more than color? With digital I can have both; so many creative possibilities and photographic products to showcase my art.

I invite you to visit my website at or like my Facebook page at Debbie Adams Photography. I love what I do and hope you enjoy viewing my photographs of the Great Sand Dunes and nature’s beauty.