Presenting Symmetry by Gordon Middleton

Symmetry: Similarity or Exact Correspondence Between Different Things

Opens December 1st at The Darkroom @ Bin 46

I have seen examples of mirrored or symmetrical manipulations of photographic images. Most were pretty gimmicky but occasionally one would capture my attention and my imagination. The images looked entirely realistic and natural…. until they didn’t.

At that point they made me ask questions. What was wrong with this image? Was this possible or was someone trying to trick me? Why can’t I stop looking at it even after I have figured it out? Is it really possible to have fun while looking at a photograph?

I was hooked. I wanted to try to create such experiences with my photography. I will admit that my first attempts were pretty gimmicky. I kept searching through my files of images, trying different pictures, dissecting them in different ways and admittedly getting rather frustrated. I was working in color and some (a very, very few) were interesting or maybe pretty or probably grotesque but none of them were taking me where I wanted to go.

So, why not try black and white? I still had some gimmicky results but I began to understand what I needed to look for in an image that would make it work in a symmetrical manipulation. I learned where and how the opposing elements needed to match up to blend into a potentially believable image so as to create a vision that would cause me to stop and consider what had just happened. I also realized that for me, the black and white process was a vital part of what made these images work.

So allow your logical mind to disassociate itself from what things should look like and have fun looking at a different approach to photography.

Thank You.
-Gordon Middleton

Cortona 15 by Gordon Middleton