Welcome to The DARKROOM

600 Longs Peak Ave., Longmont, CO 80501 | (303) 485-7191

For Photography Lovers

The DARKROOM is a gallery created by a photographer, for photographers and photography lovers. But sometimes we offer wine and chocolate too.

Light And Airy

We may be The DARKROOM, but the gallery is welcoming, light, and comfortable!

Great Location

We're centrally located in downtown Longmont, at Bin 46 Wine Bar and Restaurant

Gifts & Presents

As well as world-class photography, we carry a range of beautiful gift cards, tiles, and other thoughtful (yet inexpensive) treasures.

Second Fridays

Every second Friday of the month we hold a wine tasting, with hors d'oeuvres and door prizes.

Want To Exhibit?

We are always interested in talking to potential exhibitors. Please call to set up an appointment. (It's tough to focus on walk-ins!)

Creative Ideas: Pose Your Model

A 'square-on' picture can result in a chunky look which adds weight to your model.

Instead, try having her tip her shoulders so that they are at an uneven height, and tipping her head slightly to one side.

Now, instead of looking almost defensive, she looks curious and interested.

It's a simple technique to master - if your model won't move, you can ask them to stand still and move around them!

This also works on guys, by the way - well, maybe apart from the coy tilted head...

Interested In Exhibiting?

The gallery has been designed with one primary purpose in mind – to introduce visitors to the incredible talent in our local area. The DARKROOM is always looking for more talented artists.

Contact Julie Cardinal @ The DARKROOM

Creative Ideas: Lose The Color

Black & white can bring to light the subtle nuances and textures of the subject that you may miss if it's in color, not to mention the intricate values of light and shadow.

Someone may hang a color photo in their front room, and visitors would admire the gorgeous purple hues: but with the black & white image, perhaps those same visitors would stand up close to the shot, and dig deeper into what makes the photo truly interesting - they would perhaps become more involved in the artistic process of looking for perfection in nature.

In other words, sometimes seeing beyond the color can truly open your eyes and your heart. Don't be afraid to try photographing a colorful subject in black & white!

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